FreakShakes ™

Welcome to the home of the FreakShake ™…the one & only place in the whole wide world where you can get a 100% real deal FreakShake ™ experience.

The FreakShow began back in June 2015 where all we wanted to do was take the humble milkshake & make it into something special. Each FreakShake ™ we create starts with a theme - it’s not about buying a myriad of sweets & shoving it in to the top of a mason jar, it has to have a purpose. Every element must work together & complement each other to bring a complete flavour experience. The FreakShake ™ starts in the bakery where each one of its ingredients are carefully put together by our clever band of bakers - we then finish it off by hand crafting the final product, one by one with loooooooots of love.

We are the creators…say the proud parents to the Mighty FreakShake ™ & Canberra is the only place in the world where you can truly get your freak on…for now...

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