What's pouring?

The Hitman by Ona
The Hitman is ONA Coffee’s single origin house blend designed especially for traditional style milk coffee. It is a bold, full-bodied blend & you should expect to taste notes of caramel, malt, nut & spices.

Hotties $5.50
Our kick ass hot chocolates served with a toasted house made marshmallow
Classic chocolate | Salted caramel | Peanut butter | Chilli chocolate

Milk Based
Cup 4 - Mug 4.50
  • Milk base
  • Flat white
  • Cappuccino
  • Piccolo latte
  • Macchiato
  • Café latte
  • Mocha
  • Chai latte

Black coffee
Single origin of the week
Expresso $4
Long black $4

Monin syrup $0.50 – Caramel, Hazelnut, Vanilla

Iced Latte 8
Double shot espresso latte poured over ice

Traditional iced coffee 8
Double shot espresso, vanilla ice cream, Monin vanilla & vanilla mousse

English Breakfast | Mint Mix | Earl Grey | Japanese Sencha
+ask about our T2 flavour of the week

Juice 7.50

  • OJ
  • Strawberry, pineapple & chia
  • Homemade lemonade

PurezzaSparkling Water

  • $3 per head – unlimited refills
  • 750ml takeaway bottle - $2 refills OR
  • Add some to your juice for a refreshing spritzer - $2

All day brunch

Served Monday-Friday until 3pm
Weekends kitchen rocks til 4pm
Gluten free?
We have amazing La Bakehouse
artisan gluten free bread for +2

B&E Bun 10
Classic bacon & egg roll with your choice of
house made tomato relish or BBQ sauce

The BJ 15
Our incredible Bacon jam on seeded
sourdough, scrambled eggs & oven roasted
roma tomatoes

Eggs your style 10
Eggs poached, scrambled or fried,
with toasted sourdough


  • Bacon 5
  • Tomatoes 3
  • Mushrooms 4
  • Avocado 4
  • Spinach 3
  • Bacon Jam 3
  • Pulled pork 6


Get Pig’d 19
18hr slow braised pulled pork shoulder,
our special bacon jam, spinach, poached
eggs, sourdough & hollandaise

The Ultimate Brekkie Burger 16
Crispy bacon, 2 fried free range eggs,
American cheddar, avocado, bacon jam,
Spanish onion, lettuce, tomato &
House-made BBQ sauce

Our Granola 18 (v) (gf)
Our special granola served with seasonal fruit,
coconut yoghurt, organic agave & almond milk

The Field 18
Thyme roasted mushrooms, poached egg,
truffle oil, goats cheese, pine nuts, toasted
sourdough & balsamic reduction

Avo & Rye 18
Rye sourdough & fresh avocado, feta
cheese, lemon wedge, poached egg,
watercress, dukkah, & chilli infused olive oil

Bakers Breakfast 16
Lightly toasted croissant, cheesy scramble,
crispy bacon & tomato relish

Crispy Corn & Zucchini Fritters 17
Served with a fresh tomato, avo & capsicum
salsa, kewpie mayo, feta cheese & a poached egg

Bread & Spread 8
Regular, seeded or rhye sourdough, toasted
& served with our house made jams &
Pepe Saya Cultured Butter
- ask your waiter for today’s flavours!

For the kids

Cheeseburger 10
Beef, cheese, tomato sauce & fries

Crispy Chicken 10
Sliced & served with fries

Ham & Cheese Omelette 9
Served with toast

Scrambled Eggs 8
Served with buttered soldiers

The Best Burgers Ever

Our burgers are straight up amazing featuring high quality beef, daily baked soft buns & 100% house made sauces!
All served with fries & special sauce

The Fresh Burger 18
Juicy beef, fresh avo, brie, lettuce,
tomato, Spanish onion, tomato relish & garlic aioli

The Classic Man 15
Juicy beef, sweet gherkins, melty white
cheddar, American mustard, special
sauce & tomato relish

Bob’s Burger 17
Juicy beef, American cheddar, sweet
gherkins, American mustard, tomato relish,
special sauce, lettuce, tomato & onion

Freâk Burger 24
Double juicy beef, crispy bacon, bacon
jam, double American cheddar, BBQ
sauce, sweet gherkins, American mustard,
lettuce, tomato & onion

Pablo 18
Juicy beef, roasted green chillis, white
cheddar, spicy chorizo & special sauce

Lean & Clean 18
Juicy beef, toasted high protein-low carb
bread, caramelised onions, tomato relish
with fresh avo, lettuce & tomato – served
with sweet potato fries

Downtown NY 19
Juicy beef, shaved pastrami, caramelised
onions, American cheddar, sweet gherkins,
American mustard, special sauce & tomato

KFC (Katsu fried chicken) 18
Crispy Katsu fried chicken, shredded
cabbage & pickled daikon slaw, Kepie
mayo & Katsu gravy

Loaded Veggie Burger (v) 16
Awesome veggies ft. roasted capsicum,
eggplant & zucchini, fresh lettuce, tomato &
onion + grilled haloumi, garlic vegan aioli &
tomato relish

Bowl of Fries 8
With tomato, BBQ or special sauce


Awesome Salads

All the good stuff 19
Chunky chopped fresh lettuce, roma tomatoes, avocado & feta cheese with an apple cider
vinaigrette & shredded grilled salmon

Wild Thing 18
Wild rice & fresh cress salad tossed with cranberries, toasted pistachios & pepitas, grilled
peaches, a squeeze of fresh lemon & honey vinaigrette
Add grilled chicken +4

Crisp & Green 17
Fresh cress & spinach salad, tossed with shaved radish, green apple, toasted nuts, parmesan
cheese, grilled chicken & a honey white balsamic vinaigrette

Neat Freaks

Just straight up awesome classic milkshakes

For when you’re feeling like something classic & simple…
the Neat Freak is all about bringing it back to the humble milkshake.

Regular size 8
Baby size 5
Want your shake on Bonsoy or Almond Milk ?1
Add a shot of coffee or malt 0.50c

Gooey Chocolate Fudge
Blended with choc soft serve

Real Vanilla Bean (v)
You can see the seeds

The Best Salted Caramel Ever

Actual Strawberry (v)

Like a Vegan
Chai spiced almond milk & medjool date caramel

Straight up

Mint Chocolate
Awesome mint chocolate & gooey fudge sauce

Passion fruit & white choc
Real passion fruit & white chocolate

Greek yoghurt & caramelised honey

Salted Caramel & choc
honeycomb smash

Like a Bounty bar but better

Super choc fudge & malt

Strawberry cheesecake
& graham cracker crumb

Crunchy peanut butter & real strawberry jam


We are the one true home of the FreakShake™ where each element is carefully hand made from top to toe.
Each element is carefully crafted by our band of talented bakers using all the good stuff including 100% real fruit!
Finally we hand make them fresh to order to bring you the ONLY FreakShake™ experience

Regular Freak 13.90
We recommend you share, especially when enjoying food!

Baby Freak 8.90
Perfect with food or for kiddies!

Loaded Nutella shake, salty pretzels,
lashings of Nutella, vanilla soft serve &
Nutella dunked pretzels

Mint Condition
Super choc mint shake, gooey choc
fudge, milk crumb, mint mousse, mint choc
ice cream & chocolate cookie sandwich

The King
Peanut butter white choc, maple bacon
crumb, salted caramel, choc fudge,
chocolate soft serve, cinnamon doughie
bites, toasted marshmallow, salted
caramel injection

Uh huh Honey
Greek yoghurt & caramelised honey,
orange blossom pana cotta, vanilla
mousse, yoghurt & honey ice cream pop,
orange blossom Pashmak

Cheshire Cat
Strawberry cheesecake shake, real
strawberry sauce, vanilla soft serve, rose
Pashmak, Graham cracker crumbs & a
strawberry injection

Michael Jackson
White chocolate & choc cookie shake,
white chocolate ganache, cookie crumb,
choc & vanilla soft serve, fudge brownie
& toasted marshmallow pop

My Thai
Refreshing Thai Milk Tea shake, coconut
ganache, slithered almonds, vanilla
mousse, salted caramel drizzle, acoconut
semifredo & Thai Tea pop (coconut
semifredo dipped in white choc)

The Virgin Unicorn
Passion fruit white choc shake, real
strawberry sauce, blueberry jelly, rose
mousse, peach’s n cream ice cream pop
featuring a top deck of peach sorbet &
creamy semifredo dipped in white chocolate

10% Sunday surcharge – 15% Public holiday surcharge

Updated 4 April 2017

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