When is the best time to go to Japan?

Japan is beautiful. It’s an amazing country to visit, we’ll be able to do so many different things and enjoy a great culture. However, the weather can condition the trip through the country of the Rising Sun. Let’s see when is more appropriate to visit Japan, and make the most of our trip.


The Asian country, Japan is such a versatile country in every season throughout all year. In spring, we have cherry (Sakura as it is known in Japan) blossoms, when winter arrives you can take advantage of the snow and the Japan ski packages from in Australia slopes, in summer the beaches and in autumn the colorful leaves give the landscape a particular charm.


It’s highly recommended visiting the Rising Sun country in Summer or Winter, here I’ll explain why:


Why travel to Japan in Winter?

It begins on December 22 and ends on March 21. It is, perhaps, the cheapest time to visit Japan.


Of course, we must always keep in mind that the days are very short, as it gets dark early. In addition to that it is very, very cold, with temperatures that reach 0 degrees Celsius or less.


For snow lovers, you’ll be able to enjoy winter sports, skiing in the snow and the Japanese Alps are the ideal place to visit this season. The good thing is that it is easy to get from Tokyo or Kyoto or Osaka.


Why travel to Japan Summer?

It begins on June 22 and ends on September 23.


In these months we’ll experience heat and risks of torrential rains, occasionally it can be around 30 degrees. In addition, as coincides, many times, with the holidays of Europeans and North Americans, prices tend to rise during this time, especially flights.


In summer, we will have more time of natural light and that is a great point in favor, because we will be able to enjoy the days much more.


From July and until September’s first days we will be able to climb to the top of Mount Fuji, the majestic icon of Japan. It’s the time when roads are open to people since the route is safer. This is a very nice excursion to do for lovers of adventure and nature.


Japan is a great island so beach is what is everywhere. And visit it in summer is ideal to enjoy the sand, the sun and the sea. The best beaches will be found in Okinawa, which is a group of small islands in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.