What are aluminium louvres?

Aluminium louvers is an important part of building construction and there have been in existence many years ago. Aluminum louver serves as a great sun protector and that was one of the major reasons people constructed their homes using these louvers. They are usually shutters designed in such a way that they have horizontal slats put in various angles positions thus providing shade from direct sunlight.


Unlike the past, these aluminum louvers are mainly put in place as decorative structures while others for architectural attractiveness. For the fa├žade of almost all buildings, aluminum louver systems have been designed for use as ventilators, shades and decorative purposes. Note Australian aluminum louver systems can be customized to aid in temperature and sun control in your building. Louvers are also chosen by many architects for decorating their building designs.


What are the advantages of Aluminium louvers?


When designing your building design it is always important to take into consideration these benefits of using aluminum louvers.


Aluminum being a lighter metal as compared to steel means that louvers made from the aluminum metal are also light. This means that the installation cost can be greatly reduced as compared to that of relative heavier metals.


Once aluminum is exposed to the air it forms a protective oxide layer that acts as the coating material thus resisting any form of natural corrosion. It will ensure that your louvers can last for decades without showing any sign of corrosion.


Aluminum louvers are very flexible since the aluminum metal is also a flexible metal.T his makes it easy to customize to meet your specific architect demands. It thus ensures addition beauty in your building louvers.

Easily Recyclable.

Aluminum and aluminum louvers can easily be recycled and still maintaining their material high quality. It also takes less energy to approximately 5% in producing it.