Pregnancy Osteopath at The Fertile Project

Pregnancy is an exciting time, but it can also be a time of stress and anxiety for some women. Whether you’re experiencing physical or emotional discomfort, an osteopath may be able to help. Pregnancy osteopathy is a form of gentle holistic care that focuses on treating the whole body, not just the parts where the pain is present. Pregnancy osteopathy is a supportive form of care that can help calm your mind and ease your discomfort.

Pregnancy and birth are two of the most transformative experiences in a woman’s life. When any kind of pain or discomfort complicates this time in your life, it not only causes stress and discomfort but can also create additional barriers to bonding with your baby.

Osteopathy treats many pregnancy-related health concerns, including back pain, sciatica, pelvic pain, breech delivery, and pregnancy-associated headaches. Pregnancy osteopaths use a number of treatment methods, including soft tissue techniques, myofascial release, visceral manipulation, trigger point therapy, sacroiliac joint release, and cranial sacral therapy.

Sometimes, pregnancy just stinks. Sure, you and baby are growing together, but things change as pregnancy progresses. As your weight increases, your center of gravity shifts, and your center of gravity changes. Instead of your body being supported by your pelvis, you’re carrying more weight in your belly, decreasing the space for your internal organs. This impacts your posture, making you more susceptible to back pain. Your muscles start tightening, making it more difficult to move your body in ways it’s used to. And, of course, your energy levels can drop.

Pregnancy can be a time of stress as your body alters to accommodate a growing baby. Though your body adjusts well to this adjustment, it may still result in aches, pains, and discomforts in your pelvis. Pregnancy osteopathy is a specialized form of osteopathy that focuses on treating these types of issues. It is important to find an osteopath who is trained in the management of these issues since not all osteopaths treat pregnant women.

Pregnancy is a time full of excitement, but the sheer magnitude of change can leave you feeling overwhelmed. Take the stress out of pregnancy by discovering your optimal birth experience. At The Fertile Project, you will have a dedicated midwife and nutritionist for your entire pregnancy. Pregnancy osteopath at The Fertile Project is dedicated to providing the best possible maternity care to expectant and new parents. Their expert staff understands that pregnancy can be one of the most magical and challenging times in your life, and they want to help you overcome any obstacles that might arise.