Planning A Hens Night – The Right Way!

Landing yourself a place on the #TeamBride entourage includes a few special responsibilities…from assisting the bride make crucial decisions (such as which cake icing looks best) to preparing a hen’s party for her. The latter may sound fun and easy, but it gets a bit tricky when it comes down to the specifics.  Check out the best hens party venues in melbourne for inspiration.


To make sure that the bride receives an unforgettable time with her besties before the big day, some tough questions will need to be asked. Can we invite (insert title )? Is an out of town celebration taking it too far?


We all know how you feel, girlfriend. That is why we’ve put down these unspoken principles every bride or Maid of Honour should know when planning for a hen’s night!


Rule #1 Surprises are discretionary


The first point to consider when planning a hen’s night is the character of the bride. Is she a grab-and-go sort of woman or does she need time to prepare before going out? Does she have a yearlong calendar or does she use post-its for her everyday schedule? The spontaneous bride will love surprises, while the plan-loving bride may freak out. The former could be left wondering what is going to take place and the latter should be involved during the planning.


Rule #2 It does not need to be X-rated…all the time


Let’s face it, a little naughtiness here and there can stir up some laughs in a celebration — Yeah, those biscuits in G-strings are fine! But if you would like the night to be very unique, do something that the bride would adore. Organize a karaoke night. Go for a day of Glamping beneath the stars. If you will need some help setting up the party,among these skilled planners would be delighted to do it for you.