Mooning Helps Businesses Develop a Profitable Web3 Strategy

Early investors or adopters of any technology or investment option are more likely to make a profit. Hence both businesses as well as investors are interested in adopting the latest technologies in the internet sector. However, since technologies are evolving very rapidly, it is usually difficult for those who are not working full time with these technologies to remain updated with them and make the right decision. Hence it is advisable to hire the services of Mooning, one of the most reputed agencies in Australia, specialising in Web3, NFT and Metaverse technologies. 


Some of the benefits of consulting a reputed agency are described in detail:


Though Non-Fungible tokens (NFTs) were first introduced only in 2014, they have rapidly become very popular worldwide, with a large number of investors. While some businesses own assets which they wish to convert into NFTs, others may be interested in diversifying into NFTs to take advantage of the latest fad. However, most businesses are not aware of the procedure, technologies used for minting NFTs, and how to maximise the profit from the NFTs. Hiring the service of a reputed Web3 agency will help the business to formulate the right strategy for minting and marketing the NFT, choosing the right creator if required for the NFT, and ensuring that it retains its value.


In addition to NFT, metaverse is also an important aspect of Web3. Increasingly young people are interested in Metaverse and are investing money in it. The leading brands in the world are also purchasing land in Metaverse. Metaverse technology is evolving at a very rapid pace, it is usually very difficult to find out the latest trends. Hence hiring a reputed web3 agency will help a business take the right decisions regarding Metaverse. The consultants will work closely with the business to understand their requirements and develop a suitable Metaverse strategy, considering the long term goals and funds available.

Social media

One of the more unique aspects of Web3, is that it largely relies on social media channels for publicity, so that the potential investors are aware that a new NFT is being minted, or new opportunities for Metaverse investment. While the social media channel Twitter has been used for more than decade, increasingly a large part of web3 investing is routed through Discord. So setting up and managing one or more Discord servers is also part of Web3. The agency will help their client set up, manage the Discord server, and keep it secure. In web3, conversation between the members of the community is the MVP. The agency will also manage the community for the Web3 business, so that NFTs retain their value.

Influencers and Public relations(PR)

Though the right web3 investments may be very profitable, there are also a large number of hi-tech scams, so both investors and businesses may lose their money. Hence the investors are likely to consult reputed publications and sources before taking an investment decision. The NFT is likely to have more demand, only if investors are aware of it, so the web3 agency will ensure that information about the NFT is published in reputed publications. They will also contact relevant influencers who will promote the NFT to their followers.