Lump crab meat is affordably priced

Crab meat is one of the most popular sea-foods because of its excellent taste, flavor and aroma. Though most people like to eat crab meat, one of the main problems faced is that removing the meat from the crab shell is a time consuming task. So many people prefer to purchase crab meat which is removed from the crab, and use it in the different crab dishes which they make. The crab meat available for sale at fishmongers, is available in different grades like jumbo, colossal crab-meat, claw crabmeat. Those who have not purchased crab-meat earlier will ask what is lump crab meat , so that they can take purchase the right type of crab meat.


Though crab meat is very delicious, eating a very small quantity of crab meat is very time consuming. So most people are preferring to purchase lump crab-meat whose price varies depending on the size of the crab-meat lump. The jumbo lump crab-meat which is the most expensive crab-meat is derived from the swimming muscles of the crab and consist of larger pieces. Those who cannot afford to purchase expensive jumbo lumps can buy the normal lump crab-meat, which consists of broken jump lump pieces. Though these pieces are smaller in size, they have a similar taste like the jumbo lumps, and prices are much lower.

The lump crab-meat is white in color, has a delicate flavor and is slightly sweet. The exact flavor and taste will depend to some extent on the type of crab from which the crab-meat is extracted, since there are more than sixty different types of crabs. The crab-meat lumps are used in dishes where the lump size is not very important. Crab-meat pies, crab-meat cakes, soups and pastas are some of the different types of dishes where lump crab-meat is used. Some fishmongers are selling fresh lump crab-meat, though most of the lump crab-meat available for sale at retail stores is frozen or canned