Look For the Motorsport Medical Services

It is not a secret that in motorsports, safety is of paramount importance. Whether on the track or off, the motorsport medical service is responsible for protecting the health and safety of everyone involved. This includes the driver who competes at the highest level of motorsports through to the novice karter who learns the ropes.

Drive safely. That’s easier said than done, especially when you’re behind the wheel. If you’re involved in a racing accident, you will need motorsport medical services. Often, you have to go to the emergency room first for treatment. After that, you can work with your medical team to look for the motorsport medical services you need. Motorsports medicine is a unique field, a blend of emergency medicine, critical care, physical therapy, team management, and the psychology of driving. When looking for a motorsport medical service, take your time in choosing and consider the following: 


MRMS is a bespoke motorsport medical services provider, offering various medical services to competitors, circuits, and event organizers for motorsport, track days, rallies, and off-road. Established in 1995, it includes the world-renowned FIA Institute, which delivers medical education and qualification. MRMS Europe is based at Silverstone Circuit, and in addition to providing medical care, it provides its popular Driver Medical Clinics.


CMS is a motorsport medical services provider, helping improve the safety and success of motorsport competitors worldwide. CMS provides onsite medical care, transportation, logistics, and event management around the world.

CMS is a motorsport medical services company. Their experienced staff has access to all equipment and facilities needed to provide a full range of services. They work alongside medical directors of Goodwood events, officials, event organizers, competitors, and drivers. They have full workshop facilities, vehicle servicing, and a complete fabrication department. We also operate as a 24-hour/7-day emergency recovery service.