Is Melbourne Expensive?

Expect a sticker shock just as soon as you arrived in Australia. Sticker shock tells you about just how much does things in Australia will cost you. Most people don’t expect to spend a high amount of money when visiting Australia.

It’s highly recommended for you to check your budget as this will help you to prevent you from spending more than you should and don’t forget to choose budget friendly and best accommodation in Melbourne. A lot of people when they first visited Australia underestimated how much will they be needing. In most cases, it usually costs them twice the amount that they usually expect to pay.

In a time span of 33 days, I personally would spend $3400 AUD. Roughly, one day would cost me about $100 AUD. However, if it weren’t for the fact that I got lots of discounts and help from my friends throughout my visit to Melbourne, it would have cost me about $150 AUD per day and this includes eating at a restaurant, flew to some famous places, and spending money for the internet on my phone.

Usually, your standard costs in Melbourne may look like this:
1. Hostels – In Melbourne, you should expect to pay $25 to $35 AUD for a night. The cost of staying in a hostel is also affected by the size of the dorm. The smaller the dorm that you are staying in, the higher the price is. For a duration of one night, a private room may cost you about $55 to $110 AUD.
2. Food – A normal meal in Melbourne will costs you approximately $15 to $20 AUD. A decent meal at a better restaurant will costs you approximately $40 AUD and even eating at a McDonald’s is also pricey. The price for a standard value meal at McDonald’s is $8 AUD.
3. Drinking – Beers would normally be $9 AUD and backpacker bars, as well as the happy hours, would usually offer a cheaper drink. A pint of something would usually cost about $4 to $5 AUD.
4. Tours – A standard multiple-day tours would be around $399 to $540 AUD. In most cases, a lot of day trips would be as cheap as $50 and as pricey as $300 AUD.
5. Transportation – You should be able to get a cheap mode of transportation in Melbourne if and only if you look hard enough for it. However, it’s not always that easy to find it in most cases when you are outside of Melbourne. Flying is very expensive in Melbourne due to a limited competition except on the West Coast where it’s much cheaper there. It’s recommended to fly there instead of taking a bus as it is a cheaper choice.