How to Throw a Good Christmas Party in Melbourne

Wondering how to throw a good Christmas party in Melbourne? Well, wonder no more! The following tips will help you to throw a Christmas party that will be the talk of the city for the next year (and probably beyond, when somebody can match your awesome party!).  We highly recommend Bond in Melbourne’s CBD, Browse here for corporate christmas functions in Melbourne.

Know your guests

First and foremost; you need to know who your guests are. A party for your work colleagues will be completely different to a party thrown for your friends and family. There will probably be a lot less alcohol involved, for starters. Parties for work colleagues will likely have a lot less socialising too. You probably aren’t going to be as close, and you won’t be as close to the people they bring along to the party, which can lead to stifled conversation. You will want to have something ‘to do’. While your friends and family may be fine with you cranking on some music, cracking out the booze, and dancing the night away, your work colleagues may want a decent meal. Maybe a couple of party games. Oh, and probably be home by 10 (work parties are never that fun)

Choose a venue

Once you know your guests, the next step in how to throw a good Christmas party in Melbourne is to choose a venue. If you have a smaller party, then you may be able to get away with holding it in the comfort of your own home. However, if you have more than ten or so guests, it may be wise to look into hiring a venue in the city.

Obviously, your choice of venue will be dictated by the guests you have in tow and the type of party you want to throw. If you are looking for a decent meal, then a restaurant is the way to go. But if you want to party until the morning rolls around, then look into bars and clubs which may allow you to ‘book’ a room, or at least book a way to get VIP entrance into the club. Choose somewhere that you will know is ‘the scene’ of the majority of people going.

If you are renting a venue, then find out whether you can decorate it. You can’t really have a Christmas party without quality decorations, right?

Food and Drink

If this isn’t catered for, then you need to choose here. Again, this is going to be dictated by your guests and the type of party you want to throw. Having a few guests in your home? Then why not cook up an awesome Christmas feast? Heading out? Let the restaurant handle it. Heading to a bar or club? Well, you may be able to rent a room and bring your own food along. You don’t need anything too extreme. Just a ‘pot luck’ of snacks that will keep people munching throughout the night. Just to keep their energy levels up.

If you are bringing the drink, then make sure that you have both alcoholic and non-alcoholic options. You may think that the key to how to throw a good Christmas party in Melbourne is tons and tons of alcohol, but others may not. People don’t necessarily need to have activities in order to have fun at a party.

Activities for your party

Some people will have fun at a Christmas party doing nothing more than socialising. But, if you want to make the party ‘great’ (particularly if you don’t have a particularly sociable crowd), then you may want to throw in a few activities that you can do. Secret Santa and quizzes go a long way here. They will take a bit more planning to get working, but they are going to be a real ‘event’ at the party. Something people love to discuss.

If there are children at the Christmas party, then have activities for them. Some toys and games (or maybe a few colouring books) certainly wouldn’t go amiss.

Of course, planning a Christmas party will be 100% dependent on you. Make sure you have the time to do it (planning a party in a day is virtually impossible). Don’t go too crazy if your budget is limited either. For most, simply having a social gathering is enough to have fun. So, don’t break your back trying to get everything organised!