How Often Should I Visit the Dentist?

How often should i visit the dentist? You may have been wondering. ‘how often should I go to the dentist’? Every 6 months is what we hear a lot, but not many of us do that. And are dental appointments every 6 months really necessary? Even dentists aren’t quite sure where the 6 month figure came from, it has been thought the prescription may even be 100s of years old.

However, people who have issues with their teeth do need to visit the dentist quite often, but what about everybody else? We know children need regular checkups when their permanent teeth first come through, as teeth are more prone to decay right after they have come through, but by the teens and early twenties the risk decreases. Some studies have found no difference in 6 month and more lengthy checkup times, but children who go to the dentist more frequently have fewer fillings, which is a sign of better oral health.

Although there is a point to be made that dentist visits serve as more than just a checkup; they serve as a reminder to care for your teeth, and such psychological factors cannot be ignored.

So how often should I go to the dentist?

The current advice is that it is dependent on the individual’s needs, but children should go, at the very least, once a year as their oral health needs more attention and their teeth are more prone to decay. However, adults with minor problems can wait up to 2 years ordinarily to have to issue resolved, but this only applies to those who have committed to taking care of their gums and teeth.

But for most people, it would be advisable to go every 1-2 years as long as you are not experiencing any discomforts or other health issues. If you are, the advice is to get it checked out straight away, as discomfort or pains can be a sign of something more serious, and it is always better to catch these things early as to allow the best treatment options. But next time you get your dentist’s reminder through the door, you might want to think twice about booking it right away if it has only been 6 months. But make sure you don’t leave it too long though, as there are obvious benefits to regular checkups, particularly if you aren’t great at remembering to care for your teeth and gums properly.