How Japanese Pokemon Cards are Taking Over the World

What are Pokémon Cards in Japanese

Japanese Pokemon cards are highly collectible and can be quite valuable. If you are a fan of Pokemon, then you should definitely consider collecting Japanese Pokemon cards. They are a great way to show your love for the franchise and can even make you some money down the line.


How are They Different from Regular Pokémon Cards

Pokémon cards come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, but how are they different from regular Pokémon cards? For starters, most collector’s edition Pokémon cards are much larger than your average card. They also often feature special artwork or holographic images that make them stand out.

But the biggest difference between regular and collector’s edition Pokémon cards is their value. While a regular Pokémon card might only be worth a few dollars, some of the rarer collector’s edition cards can sell for hundreds or even thousands of dollars! So if you’re a big fan of Pokémon, it might be worthwhile to start collecting some rarer cards.


What is the History of Pokémon Cards in Japan

The first Pokémon cards were released in Japan in 1996 by Media Factory. The initial release consisted of 102 cards, which were sold in random assortments of six. These cards were designed by Ken Sugimori and featured artwork inspired by the Pokémon video games. The card game quickly became popular in Japan, leading to subsequent releases of new cards and expansion sets.

In 2003, Pokémon cards were introduced to the Western world with the release of the EX Series. Looking to buy Japanese pokemon cards in Australia.. These cards feature a new card layout and design, as well as updated artwork. The EX Series proved to be popular with fans and collectors alike, leading to further releases in subsequent years.

Today, Pokémon cards remain hugely popular both in Japan and internationally. New sets are released regularly, giving fans plenty of new content to collect and trade with friends. Whether you’re a casual fan or a hardcore collector, there’s sure to be a set of Pokémon cards out there for you!

How do Japanese People Feel About Pokémon Cards

Pokémon cards are a big deal in Japan. They’re not just for kids – adults collect them too. And they’re not just for collecting – people trade and battle with them too.

Some people love Pokémon cards because they’re nostalgic – they remember playing with them as kids. Others love the artwork or the game itself. And then there are those who love the business side of things – buying low and selling high, or getting rare and valuable cards.

Whatever the reason, Pokémon cards are big in Japan. And it doesn’t look like that’s going to change anytime soon.