Flatpack Furniture Assembly Services

When you move into a new home, there are many tasks to accomplish to make the new place your own. Every new home needs lots of furniture, and many companies are shipping your new furniture in flatpacks.

Flatpack furniture is often less costly than pre-assembled furniture. These items are also made to be efficiently assembled and disassembled, and you can easily personalize your flatpack furniture with brightly colored throws, strategic placement, or lots of comfy pillows. Flatpack furniture is often made of environmentally friendly materials, and you can be satisfied knowing your furniture is made of sustainable materials.

But once your flatpack furniture arrives, you may feel overwhelmed by the prospect of its assembly. Instructions for flatpack furniture often look like incomprehensible blueprints, or you may be unfamiliar with the tools or methods needed for the assembly. And all those screws in the package look confusingly similar, don’t they?

But you can solve your problem and assemble your furniture without lifting a finger or learning what an Allen wrench is used for. All your furniture will be ready in record time by using a flatpack assembly service. These services provide an experienced team of assemblers who will quickly come to your home and put your furniture together for you. They’ll read the manufacturers’ instructions and interpret them without difficulty. When they put together your furniture, it will look like it was assembled by a skilled craftsman – because it will be. 

Even Ikea furniture can take a lot of effort because their simple construction often means fewer instructions are included. Ikea furniture often has small and intricate parts, which may be challenging. Flatpack assemblers will put Ikea furniture together in record time. They can also construct and install kitchen counters or safely fasten your fixtures, wall hangings, and accessories to the walls or floors. Even if you’re not moving, and are in the midst of a kitchen renovation, assembling teams can expertly help you with your kitchen project. 

Flatpack assemblers will open all the cardboard boxes and quickly unpack each of your desks, chairs, dressers, tables, cabinets, and other furniture. They will use their tools expertly, assemble each item and then completely clean up after themselves. Many of the teams also offer cardboard removal services, so you won’t have to deal with disposing of the furniture boxes.

Flatpack assembly services will also help you when you need your flatpack furniture disassembled when relocating to a new home. These services are priced reasonably, and most companies offer quotes for their services on their websites.

Imagine having your furniture ready hours after entering your new home and not having to assemble it yourself. Sit back, relax in one of your newly constructed chairs, and watch as your home comes to life around you. When you’re moving into a home, it’s a palpable relief to have one less chore to do – and flatpack furniture assembly will be one task you’ll be glad you decided to have done by a team of professionals.