Find out what is a bratt pans and its various functions

The success of commercial kitchen depends on its appliances and you should ensure that you have the best possible kind of appliances and equipments that help you cook a widest variety of food items. There are different kind of options that are available for you but bratt pans are the most feasible, popular and versatile option that you need for your kitchen. Hence, before going ahead to purchase this equipment, you need to find out what is a bratt pans so that your requirements will be fulfilled with the selection of the kitchen equipment. Additionally, you will get benefits like high volume production and heavy duty performance with use and requirements of this equipment for meeting the heavy demands of your customers. Regardless of the quantities of food that you want to cook, you should select bratt pans for preparing large quantities of food with high output situations.

Quality electric & gas bratt pans. Bratt pans are popularly known as tilting pans and it is known to cook high volume of food at one time and this is the reason why it is the most important equipment for commercial kitchen. It looks similar to a flat bottom kettle which is heated using electric elements and gas burners that helps in cooking large volume of food within a limited span of time. It is the most versatile equipment that can perform more functions than any other kind of kitchen equipments. These functions includes shallow frying, deep fat frying, roasting, stewing, poaching, steaming, boiling and braising to name a few functions. These pans are generally used in hotels, restaurants, universities, hospitals, schools and any other place that requires large volume of food. The reason for using bratt pans is because it can cook food quickly as compared to any other kind of kitchen appliances for saving a lot of time. These pans can operate consistently and efficiently without losing its temperature along with saving a lot of money on energy costs. Additionally, bratt pans are considered as the most practical solution that allows the food to get cooked uniformly so that there are no issues even while cooking large volume of food. These pans can easily get tilted for serving purpose for making sure you can use it for cooking, serving or preparing food for later preparations. Even after use, you can easily clean the pans because it requires fewer amounts of efforts as compared to any other kind of grilling or frying surfaces.


The selection of the bratt pans is extremely important and this should be done according to the desired size, style, functions or power source for getting the best kind of options. These pans are aesthetically pleasing option can enhance the look of your commercial kitchens while allowing you to make use of these pans for a widest varieties of functions. You should select bratt pans according to the functionality that you need for receiving the most versatile option that will offer in numerous benefits for your commercial and large scale cooking needs in quick time span.